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Project Sparkes
Online Coaching


High quality online physique development driven by efficiency, passion & a commitment to client success.



Zac Djellab

Alex has helped me so much in achieving my goals! Understanding the busy schedule I deal with and making it super easy for me to understand what I need to do and how to do it! The best online trainer there is!

Josh Rogers

I began the programme with a limited amount of knowledge involving fitness and nutrition but the information I have learnt from Alex has been invaluable and catapulted my understanding of fitness, nutrition & recovery. He also constantly checks in and always has time for any questions I have.


Joe Thomlinson

Alex is the best of the best & quite simply the most knowledgable Personal Trainer I've ever come across. Project Sparkes is a game changer... not just for your work outs and gym routines, but for your lifestyle as a whole.

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