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Online Coaching

High quality online physique development driven by efficiency, passion & a commitment to client success. Join Project Sparkes today!

Our mission is simple.
To get our clients incredible results.

At Project Sparkes we pride ourselves on achieving incredible results with 'normal' people.​ When I was 16 I was the guy who listened to all the wrong fitness advice.​ Trained every day 365 days a year, ate no carbohydrates after 6pm and did fasted cardio...
The list goes on!

But the good news is it doesn't have to be like that for you.

Through my 8 years in the industry I found out what gets myself and my clients results.
That is what is embedded in the systems at Project Sparkes.


Zac Djellab

Alex has helped me so much in achieving my goals! Understanding the busy schedule I deal with and making it super easy for me to understand what I need to do and how to do it! The best online trainer there is!

Josh Rogers

I began the programme with a limited amount of knowledge involving fitness and nutrition but the information I have learnt from Alex has been invaluable and catapulted my understanding of fitness, nutrition & recovery. He also constantly checks in and always has time for any questions I have.

Joe Thomlinson

Alex is the best of the best & quite simply the most knowledgable Personal Trainer I've ever come across. Project Sparkes is a game changer... not just for your work outs and gym routines, but for your lifestyle as a whole.

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