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One of the cheapest and most effective supplements you're probably not taking...


👃 In a world where everyone spends around £45 for a tub of chemicals they have no clue about, we often miss cheap and effective supplements right under our noses.


An item that is lurking in everyones cupboard is:


💭Bicarbonate of soda or NaHCO3 if you want to be fancy...


It is used as an ergogenic aid. Meaning it helps to delay muscle fatigue and improve performance.


👇If you are an endurance athlete or doing a reasonable amount of cardio  I would seriously consider supplementing with it. suggest athletes should supplement 200-300mg pre race.


The literature is mixed on this topic so here is the evidence supporting its supplementation:


✅ McNaughton et al., 2016 stated that bicarbonate of soda is effective in trained athletes across a range of sports including bench press, interval training and longer duration exercise.


✅ Edge et al., 2006 study suggested that Bicarbonate significantly reduced the hydrogen ions at the cellular level within muscle tissue. Interestingly, within this study, they reported that ingestion of the supplement increased muscle protein synthesis.. 


However, not all the research is conclusive:


❌ Driller et al ., 2013 measured no additional performance benefits from 0.3g of bicarbonate VS a placebo in their study.


💉And like with everything... try it for yourself and see if YOU feel the benefits. After all it costs £1.25 from Sainsburys. If you don't like it at-least you haven't taken out a payday loan to fuel your supplement habit.



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