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🦠Life is gradually, and is hopefully going to continue getting back to normal.


📅This means a number of things for most of us.


Life gets busy...


✈️🍿Work, socials and family. Suddenly time is limited and the things less important to you often get dropped to save time.


To make sure your training doesn't take a hit implement the following things:


1️⃣ Have 2 training splits you use. One for when you have ample time to go to the gym and the second that covers the bare minimum you should to to progress/ maintain your training through busy periods. Both these training programs should have the same movements, with the first training program potentially offering a more diverse range of exercises. With the second, being a stripped back, simple routine focussed around your minimum volume and key movements.


2️⃣ Plan your weeks and make sure training is a part of it. If you can visually see your weeks you can plan accordingly. You can pick training days, pick which program you will follow and where friction points will be. By identifying friction points you can action yourself to overcome them.


3️⃣ Form an identity. If you can create an identity that involves training, when you get super busy you will begin to align with this identity. The identity of someone who can have a life and train well at the same time. Once you are a part of this identity it will be hard to actually break this cycle.


4️⃣ Get adequate rest. If you are super busy and asking yourself to train 7 times a week you are setting yourself up to fail. Align your rest days with times where you will need it. After socials occasions or night out.


5️⃣ Understand that progress mate be limited and for that current period THATS OKAY. Most of us can’t be 100000% all the time. But you should try to maintain a baseline percentage so when you have the luxury of time you can make the most of it! Don’t get disheartened by slower or more gradual progress. After all, something is better than nothing.


These are just some of the things we work on with our lifestyle clients who have busy jobs.


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