How To Program A Beginners 

Pull Workout...

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How to program a pull workout...

Most of us want a well performing thick back. Here is are some basic programming thought processes you can use to create a great workout!👇

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Exercise 1️⃣: primer/activation. This could be a straight arm rope pulldown or low cable row. We are doing this to connect with our muscles before we ask them to perform. To light and find them until them switch on.

Exercise 2️⃣: Hip hinge/row. Here I think we should normally place our ‘primary’ movement for the workout. Here we are going to be lifting the heaviest loads and the exercise is a going to require a large CNS input and skill aspect. This exercise could be a hip hinge such as RDL and deadlift or a bent over row.

Exercise 3️⃣: Find stability and get the lats short. After taxing yourself on a heavy movement we want to get ourselves in a safe and stable environment like a machine. I would focus on challenging the lat and getting it short as possible whilst you are still reasonably fresh.

Exercise 4️⃣: A vertical pull. Either a lat pulldown, pull up or high plate row. Think about stretching the lat and working it through its lengthened range.

Exercise 5️⃣: Upper Back focus. Again I would lean towards machines or dumbbells. Find a chest support and make sure the exercise allows your to protract (round) and retract your scapula. Targeting your upper back when you row.

Exercise 6️⃣ & 7️⃣: Here I would focus on either high rep rear delt work OR bicep work. Of course if biceps are an area you want to improve move them earthier in your workout.

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