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What habits create high performers? 


I recently read Brendon Burchard “High Performance Habits”.


I had initially downplayed guru books such as these as they often are an elaborate sales funnel into you buying another product from them. This one however, was different.

I will now do my best to summarise a 400 page book in an easily digestible format.


From his extensive research and experience Ben outlines  6 habits that he found within all of participants.


  1. Seek Clarity … 


Seek clarity on who you are, what you want, where you want to go and everything to do with your existence. Let this drive your decisions and influence how you interact, perform and hold yourself within the world. 


Clarity enables you to work effectively, concisely and be as productive as you can be without confusion about what you are trying to achieve or how you are going to go about doing it. 


  1. Generate Energy… 


Well directed emotional, mental and physical energy is seen within all high performers. That sense that they are relentless in their pursuit of their desired outcomes. 


Ways to create this energy are to develop yourself both physically, mentally and emotionally. This involved physical activity, yoga and meditation. 


  1. Raise Necessity… 


Yes I know what you’re thinking, what does that even mean? It means succeeding at your goals is non-negotiable. You create urgency, you focus your effort towards it and make it part of your day to day functioning.


Become obsessed with what you do, your craft, your niche. 


  1. Increase Productivity …  


Brendon states that to increase productivity your need to have a Prolific High Quality Output. 


Look at everyone who has ever been the best at what they do. They make their extreme workload, stress and lifestyle look effortless.



Because they know their principles needed to create the high quality work that is needed from them. They know how to do it and apply it to their workload.


Brendon suggests splitting your work into 60% high quality work and 40% other work. 


This will help you be more effective with your ACTUAL work. Resulting in you spending less actual time working as this clinical approach will make your work better.


  1. Develop Influence… 


This may sound egotistical when framed within the current social media era. However, Brendon does not mean get more followers.


Well he might…


But instead he associates influence with your ability to shape other people's beliefs and behaviours in ways you desire…  Yes, I admit it still sounds a bit creepy. But hear me out… 


You want to be able to shape these peoples beliefs so that they believe in you, your ideas and can subsequently offer them a service.


There are multiple ways in which you can do this but Brendon suggests you should give value without receiving anything back, challenge people to grow and encourage people to get better. 


  1. Demonstrate Courage … 


According to Brendan, courage means taking action, pursuing your desired outcome with disregard to risk, fear, failure or embarrassment. 


The ability to take action despite the risk of negative consequences of failure… 


Take these and apply them to every aspect of your life.


In terms of fitness?


They still apply.

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